May 31, 2012

Notes on the the Bilderberg meeting

 WND - Some say it’s just an event for the rich and powerful to let their hair down, hear from top policy wonks and schmooze with each other.

Others claim it’s the place where big decisions are made in secret – decisions with world-shaking consequences.

Whatever it truly is, the meeting is taking place this week here in the quiet suburbs near Dulles International Airport at the Westfields Marriott Convention Center – the same place it was held four years ago when rumors circulated it was determined there that Barack Obama would be the Democratic presidential nominee, not Hillary Clinton. Two days after the event, Hillary bowed out of the race.

The group meets annually – normally in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Scotland or Norway, almost always in Europe. But from tomorrow through June 4, the Bilderberg Group will be meeting about 20 miles from Washington, D.C.

George H.W. Bush attended in 1985. He became president in 1988. Bill Clinton attended in 1991. He became president a year later. Tony Blair attended in 1993. He became prime minister of England in 1997. Romano Prodi attended in 1999. Later that year he became president of the European Union Commission. In 2004, Sen. John Edwards spoke to the group. He was later anointed the Democratic vice presidential nominee by presidential candidate John Kerry.



But it’s what makes Bilderberg watching a spectator sport for many.

What is it? It’s a private, invitation-only club of about 150 individuals from the worlds of politics, business, finance, energy, media and nobility. But mum’s the word on what goes on in the meetings. No resolutions are voted upon. No minutes are taken. No statements issued.

...Bilderberg watcher Daniel Estulin, author of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” will not be in attendance this year because he is not permitted to travel into the U.S. But he is sending a representative in his stead. He believes the meetings are among the most important events to take place in the world every year.

“Bilderberg is not some group of demonic world leaders sitting around a table staring into a crystal ball,” Estulin told WND. “In the U.S., a lot of people mistakenly believe there are secret societies, a very small group controlling the dynamics of the entire world, instead of understanding Bilderberg as a processes-, ideas- and themes-shaping organization. “Bilderberg is not a bogeyman. But it is a powerful organization. It’s a medium for bringing together financial institutions – the largest, predatory institutions in the world – which acts in ways that are now the worst enemy of society.”

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Strelnikov said...

...And as I wrote before in the first post (the one that listed who would be there), if you blew up the building while all the attendees were there, the "conventional wisdom" in Washington D.C. would collapse, because all these people are pushing the cruddy status quo.

Not that I am for bombings or assassinations, mind you....

What there needs to be is a counter-Bilderberg where all the progressives meet and discuss how to make the society better. I know there are a zillion conferences, but if there could be one that somehow has the gravitas....but then, who am I kidding? The Bilderberg has this outsized importance because it is secret, this meeting with no records where the rich assholes of the world come together to "synergize" (read: schmooze) probably while whores fellate them under the table.