May 10, 2012

Morning Line: Obama takes Confederate view of gay marriage

Sam Smith - Obama is the sort of guy who offers to split his Swiss cheese with you and then gives you the holes, while he takes the cheese. A case in point is his newly announced position on gay marriages in which he says he supports them but wants to leave it up to the states to decide whether they are legal.

There are two huge problems with this:

1. Obama, who opposes or would undermine the 10th Amendment on a host of issues, is declaring himself a states rightist on an issue that is clearly the responsibility of the national government: the protection of individual civil liberties. His position, coming on the heels of the North Carolina referendum to add a ban on gay marriages to the state's constitution is almost a precise replica of the position the post civil war confederates took. If you don't believe me, check this out:

2. Not only are such matters a responsibility of the feds, it is unconstitutional for even the national govenment to approve any such ban. The reason - rarely discussed - is that the  case for such a ban is not only based overwhelmingly on religious principles but clearly discriminates between religions that oppose gay marriages and those that don't.Any ban on gay marriage is a theocratic decision of the sort the Constitution tried to protect us against.

Of course you couldn't get a right-wing Catholic biased Supreme Court to agree to this, but it doesn't make any less of a fact - and one that a Democratic graduate of Harvard Law should not view with such indifference.


Anonymous said...

Obama's just interested in the soundbite, not the rights of his citizens. Next: what is his position on polygamy?

Obomber should change his name to whore-ina or Whore-etta said...

When it comes to medical marijuana however, Obomber thinks he and his drugco bribers, er contributors, know better the the states or the people.

Anonymous said...


You should send this to Glenn Greenwald - he thinks Obama deserves credit for this "policy". On everything else, Greenwald harshly criticizes Obama, but not on this one. That wouldn't be because Greenwald is gay, would it? Just wondering ...