May 29, 2012

Morning Line: The GOP ghost dance

Sam Smith - Here's further evidence that what we may be observing in the GOP is a variation of the sort of behavior sometime seen in cultures that are fading, such as the American Indian ghost dance culture or the cargo cults of the Pacific.

When you add together all women plus black, latino and gay men you get almost two thirds of the American population. Add to this the fact that under 20s make up more than a quarter of the population while those 65 and older only make up one- eighth and you begin to see some cultural reasons for the bizarre and desperate behavior of the older white right.

And all this before, in a matter of decades, whites will be in the minority in the US.

Unfortunately, the corporate media doesn't report the story like this any more than it reports the number of progressive positions a majority of Americans take - as opposed to their politicians and the media.

So it becomes a hidden story with the right given the edge.

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Dan said...

OK, but the Democratic party has become the party of Ronald Reagan, so the Republican party isn't dying, it's merely mutating into "New Democrats."

The real story is the death of FDR's Democratic party. It's as dead as a doornail. Clinton gutshot the New Deal and then Obama administered the coup d'etat.

Anonymous said...

Fret not -- there are plenty of (mostly) men through all ages in the US today who are vociferous libertarians and think that if everyone is left to their own devices, we will have utopia. It's rather similar to the left's anarchist and zapatista albatross.

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you're talking about in regards to anarchism. Anarchism = Democracy