May 19, 2012

Blacks lose their majority in DC for first time since 1960s

Washington Examiner - The black population in the District has lost its outright majority for the first time in more than half a century, in a population shift driven by a higher cost of living and an influx of younger whites into the nation's capital, new census data released Thursday show.

The shift makes D.C. unique among the nation's major cities, said Lisa Sturtevant, assistant research professor at George Mason University's Center for Regional Analysis.

"Lots of cities grew in last few decades," she said. "Washington, D.C. was the only city where growth was driven by the white population."

The number of non-Hispanic whites living in the District since data were collected in April 2010 has grown by 4 percent to total more than 218,000 as of July 2011, according to the new Census Bureau data. Meanwhile, the number of blacks stayed relatively flat but fell from just over half of the population to 304,203 people, or 49.2 percent.

The white population now makes up 35.3 percent of the city's total pie. This marks the highest percentage of whites living in the District since the 1960s, when whites were leaving the city for the region's more spacious suburbs.

The black population peaked in 1970 at more than 71 percent of the population.


Anonymous said...

Must be all those lobbyists pushing for neo-con legislation. It would be interesting to see a graph comparing the growth of the white population and the increase in repressive legislation.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I'm guessing you have few conversations that don't end up involving the word "neo-con".

Anonymous said...

DC voted 92% for Obama. Neocons don't live in cities. This is being driven by the 20-30s demographic.