April 12, 2012

Support for bailouts has plummeted

Huffington Post - Just 23 percent of Americans think bailing out the banks in the crisis helped the economy, according to the poll, and even fewer, just 15 percent, think bailing out insurance companies helped. In contrast, a slightly larger 45 percent think bailing out the auto sector helped the economy.

The appetite for future bailouts is almost universally gone, with 84 percent of respondents opposing another bank bailout, 86 percent opposing another insurance-company bailout and 70 percent opposing another automobile bailout.
In 2009, in contrast, only 65 percent of Americans opposed another bank bailout, compared with 69 percent opposition to another car bailout and 77 percent against another insurance bailout.

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Anonymous said...

How many of these people imagine their opinion has any influence at all on the Fed or the Administration?