April 10, 2012

Another reason to start a movie boycott

Tech Dirt - One of the more bizarre rulings in copyright/file sharing cases was the district court ruling in the IsoHunt search engine case a couple years ago. It's still involved in the appeals process, but the district court is one of the only courts so far to broadly interpret the DMCA's "red flags" rule to mean that general knowledge means you have to block access. The ruling ended up being that IsoHunt basically had to accept a keyword filter from the MPAA and block all access to anything that matched the keywords. As you can imagine, that's leading to significant overblocking of legitimate content.

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Capt America said...

Corporations should not be allowed to own copyrights, for the same reason that the U.S. gov't is not permitted under the constitution to own them. It gives them power in the electoral process which they are certain to abuse. It is essential to add language to any corporate personhood amendment to ensure that only natural persons may own copyrights.