March 17, 2012

How Microsoft plans to ruin your TV watching

Slashdot - theodp writes "Microsoft, reports Geek Wire, is seeking a patent on monetizing the buttons of your TV remote. In its application for a patent on 'Control-based Content Pricing,' Microsoft explains how one can jack up the cable bill of those who dare fast-forward past a diaper commercial or replay a sports highlight. From the patent application: 'If a user initiates a navigation control input to advance past (e.g., skip over) an advertisement, the cost of a requested on-demand movie may be increased. Similarly, if a user initiates a replay of a sporting event, the user may be charged for the replay control input and for each subsequent view control input.'"


mike flugennock said...

TV? What is this "TV" you speak of?

Anonymous said...

I've been TV free for 20 years. I've never missed it.