February 11, 2012

Republicans want to give airlines back the right to keep you trapped on the tarmac as long as they want

Aviation Online -  Rep. Tom Graves announced he will introduce legislation to cancel a series of Department of Transportation aviation consumer protection rules that include requiring airlines to show all costs at the time an airline ticket is purchased, providing baggage refunds, mandating that airlines cannot impose increases to a ticket once it has been purchased, requiring ticket refunds, among other regulations that protect consumers.

In addition the GOP House of Representatives is also attempting to remove the Tarmac Rule which prohibits airlines from keeping passengers on the tarmac for over three hours. Congress is proposing the FAA Reauthorization Bill that will exclude this rule...

As a result of this rule passengers are no longer stuck on the tarmac such as in the case of United Flight 270 when passengers were stranded on the tarmac nearly nine hours. DOT’s new regulations help ensure that consumers are treated fairly when they travel by air.

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