January 23, 2012

Report: Israel to give Obama only 12 hours notice before attacking Iran

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, INR - Israeli officials told visiting US Joint Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey that it would give President Barack Obama no more than 12 hours notice if and when it attacks Iran, The London Times reported Sunday.

The Netanyahu government also will not coordinate with the United States an attack on the Islamic Republic, according to the report, the latest in a number of supposed scenarios concerning cooperation or lack of it between Jerusalem and Washington.

It is left to speculation whether the rumors are based on facts or are leaked by officials to mask the possibility of secret military coordination.

The London Times said its sources explained that that Israel fears that President Obama would try to torpedo an Israel attack if more notice were given because he is concerned that Iran will respond by blocking the Strait of Hormuz, sparking a rise in the price of oil that could cripple Western economies. If the attack were to occur in the next 10 months, it would put President Obama in a tight spot on the eve of his bid for re-election.

President Shimon Peres told Dempsey, "I am sure that in this fight [against Iran] we will emerge victorious. It is a fight that does not belong exclusively to the United States or Israel, but a global struggle to create a safe world for all peoples.”

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Anonymous said...

What utter bullshit. Israel, as our bought and paid for cop in the middle east, does exactly what its US masters demand it do.

That's why Israel receives more US 'foreign aid' than any other country.

The advertised US/Israeli rift over attacking Iran is nothing more than media propaganda, designed to provide cover for the US if and when Iran is attacked by Israel.