January 22, 2012

How to boycott movies and record labels

Progressive Review - As one of the first to suggest a boycott of MPAA and RIAA products, and since boycotts are not as common to folks as they were in a more progressive era, here are some suggestions to go about it:

- Do not boycott all movies or all albums. It doesn't work.

- Analyze the top performers of MPAA and RIAA backers and pick up to three of each for the boycott. There should be a concensus among major pro-Intnernet groups

- Seek movies or performers featuring artists who have been supportive of MPAA and RIAA. This will have an affect on how artists approach this issue as well as the corporations that hire them.

- Seek movies or performers that appeal to an adult audience. Getting 14 year olds to join a boycott may be a bit difficult.

- Encourage the public trashing of personal CDs and DVDs featuring these artists to make the boycott more visible. 

- Promote artists not connected with MPAA or RIAA.

- Hold a conference to discuss ways for making the music and movie industry fairer to both artists and audience instead of just to the corporations that exploit both.


Anonymous said...

1. of course, all sound advice, but some impractical more than others...
2. it *is* even *actually* possible to *not* buy ri/mp/aa 'products' (which is what *they* look at them as, *not* 'art'); *BUT* (and, yes, that is a big butt i've go there!), it is almost *practically* impossible in today's society if you have kids/grandkids...
90-99% are *so* programmed with disney/big media, that anyone who swims against that tide is pushed overboard... (so to speak, hhh)
3. that said, *ANYTHING* that throws a monkey wrench in the gears of that evil borg is a welcome interruption of their -apparent- world domination through 'IP' extortion...
a legalized extortion racket protected by legalized bribery...
one of the mafia's homilies comes to mind: one hand washes the other...
life has been criminalized for the 99, and criminality has been legalized for the 1%...
perhaps now would be a propitious moment to remind kampers of my idea of a Million Bite March: wherein we 99% would take a bite out of krime, and each bite off a small mouthful of the nearest billionaire, thus solving several problems at once ! ! !
i know it sounds figuratively and literally distasteful (especially for you weeguns!), but a dash of hot sauce, and even a stringy, parsimonious, dried-up prune of a mr smithers billionaire will be palatable ! ! !
i recommend a stout to chase them down !
hee hee hee
ho ho ho
ha ha ha
ak ak ak
art guerrilla
aka ann archy
art guerrilla at windstream dot net

Anonymous said...

If this were a good idea there would be sources of such information already prepared for people to incorporate into their lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

Strike a blow for freedom. Search the word "torrents". Don't give the people who are trying to rule you one red cent.

mailey1974 said...

The best thing to do is support those who are independent in music & in movies.I have heard music & seen movies that are not mainstream or lamestream that is great.