December 12, 2011

Two progressive third party choices in presidential race

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Rocky Anderson


Mark said...

Both seem like nice people, but does anyone really believe the Presidential Selection is really decided by the "voters" - surely after Bush v. Gore was ratified by Congress that illusion should be over.

It's likely the Republicans know Obama's been picked for another term, which may explain their much-lower-than-average crop of candidates this time.

Unfortunately, I think the Green Party "peaked" in 2000 and never recovered from being falsely blamed for Gore's eventual capitulation. The fact that hundreds of thousands were blocked from voting in Florida and that voting machines were tampered with got ignored by most, and the media were happy to ratify the theft. The worse theft in 2004 (six states were flipped from Kerry to Bush) was mostly ignored, even by many Bush opponents.

Sorry that I'm not excited by creating a "Justice Party" to further fragment dissent. If any of these "Third Parties" have a serious level of energy then I'll vote for them, otherwise I'm writing in None of the Above, which may or may not be counted by the ballot scanners.

The illusion of American democracy ended November 22, 1963.

Arlo Guthrie Supports Ron Paul said...

Arlo Guthrie Supports Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

During most crises, political parties are somewhat irrelevant. That's the system the framers (who chased the Tories to Canada) gave us: occasional single-issue showdowns leading sometimes to civil wars, including Prof. Sharp's non-violent civil wars. Today, parties are the problem, flush with 1%'er cash, they are confronted by a voters' army to restore representative democracy. To say that there are good parties is like saying in 1859 there were some nice slaveholders. The Green Party is unlikely to survive the coming transformation without having enlisted in the army.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that they are nice folks.

Unfortunately it is a case of "too little, too late."

My own feeling is that we have gone past the point of no return. The country will have to collapse before it can be rebuilt.