November 7, 2011

Cold fusion just won't go away


Anonymous said...

Fool me once...

"By 2009 BLP had raised about $60 million in venture capital,[6][7] and claims to have seven commercial agreements to license BLP energy technology for the production of thermal or electric power to utilities and private corporations.[10] By 2011 no known power generation has occurred."

Substitute BLP with Ecat and everything will be clear.

Anonymous said...

The photos don't show an apparatus capable of those numbers by fraudulent means; the reported effect was much too big to be noise or a measurement artifact; and those Swede physicists don't look like they just fell off the rutabaga truck on the way into town.

Which suggests that either it's real, or it's outright criminal fraud using software on the laptop to feign the monitoring of an effect that didn't exist.