August 15, 2011

More colleges offering organic agriculture and sustainability programs

The average age of a U.S. farmer is 57 …  About one-quarter of all farmers today have bachelor’s degrees and close to 70 percent have some college coursework. That’s up from just 4 percent of farmers and ranchers who had college degrees in 1965.

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Anonymous said...

Then on the other hand, there is that group of farmers closely akin to the Christian Dominionists in their beliefs regarding god given infallibility with regards to land stewardship, and who, as a general rule are only educated through the eighth grades. I refer to the several Mennonite sub-sects that presently farm huge tracts of US commercial agriculture, along with millions of additional acreage throughout the world. Operating under contract to the various transnationals, they are representatives of a significant segment of that otherwise nebulous entity, corporate agriculture.
As one reads of deforestation of rainforests, dig a little deeper and find out how closely linked the Mennonites are to these activities.
In my region, nearly all of the CAFO's, and the GMO fields associated with them, are farmed by Mennonites.
The public image is belied by the unfortunate reality.