June 27, 2011

Morning Line

We’ve been wondering when the collapse of American politics and economy would lead to heightened random violence.  These recent stories may be atypical but could also be a warning.

 Washington City Paper - One man is dead and several others are injured after a shootout at the end of this year's Caribbean Carnival. Police say the shootings were the product of two beefs between warring crews and the man who was killed was an innocent bystander, the Examiner reports.

CBS Chicago - Was the vandalism of 51 floats for the Gay Pride Parade this past weekend a hate crime? Police say they are not investigating it as such. But the parade organizer and the owner of the floats both said they believe it was. . .The tire-slashing put a damper on the event before it started. Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, the floats were vandalized in the warehouse for Associated Attractions Enterprises Inc., a parade float business at 4834 S. Halsted St.

Philadelphia Daily NewsA woman’s leg was broken and several other people were injured Saturday night when a large group of teens accosted pedestrians in Spring Garden, police and witnesses said. Philadelphia police responded to two reports of pedestrians being assaulted by a large group of young people along Broad Street about 9:30 p.m.

Daily News staff writer Molly Eichel, said that they were walking down Green Street when a group of teens was walking down Broad. "We heard kids yell, 'Run, run,' " Eichel said. "Some kid just came out of nowhere and punched my friend Charlie in the face." Eichel said that when her group tried to run, about 20 teens chased them down the street. "They were kicking kids down and punching them when they were down," she said.


From the hospital yesterday, Guendelsberger gave her protectors shout-outs on Twitter. "On the positive, a bunch of girls from the mob protected me from the boys trying to hit me and take my purse while I was on the ground," she wrote. According to the police report of the incident, Guendelsberger was "jumped" by 30 to 40 men who punched and kicked her numerous times. Police said they checked the area for surveillance but had no luck.

Twitter users said that the mob ranged from 50 to 100 people and that participants not only assaulted people but also threw trash cans and lit fireworks.

Delaware County Times - A mob of about 40 people stormed into the Sears department store on 69th Street Thursday, and in a flash stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, officials said. Police were able to round up 15 juveniles and one adult, 19, all from West Philadelphia. “They came in on the El train and hit Sears,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “They stole sneakers, socks, watches, whatever they could get their hands on, and left."


Anonymous said...

There have been several recent reports of mobs of people committing robberies and muggings in Chicago as well.

Law and order is camoflauge for fascism said...

Oh yeah, it's the public you have to beware of you dumb fucker, run to the fascists for protection. Sometimes I wonder who and what Sam Smith is.

Crime statistics are crap, if you're stupid and arrogant, you'll get robbed. said...

As a carpenter and contractor I've worked in and around some of the poorest neighborhoods and people in St. Louis Kansas City, and Chicago. I've yet to be threatened or endangered by poor people. If you treat people like people and act like you know what you're doing, you'll have no trouble because people are not bad and poor people are better than most, that's why they're poor. They're unwilling to cut somebody's throat for fifty cents. However, if you show up fucked out of your mind three o'clock in the morning in your Lincoln Navigator, diamonds on every finger, at the roughest club in town because you're slumming, you're gonna get jacked and robbed, stupid. Because like most rich people, you have "fuck me" printed on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotting the symptoms of the USA's collapse here Sam. Others have noticed the same. Here are a few more examples, no bling or limosines involved:

Teen mob storms Chicago Walgreens


Chicago Flash Mobs Apparently Robbed, Attacked Four Men Over Weekend


Teens use 'mob theft' to rob St. Paul store