April 13, 2011

Huffington Post in love with rightwing education hustler

If the Huffington Post’s sweetheart deal with AOL didn't make you a bit skeptical, this should: it’s been running articles by right-wing corporate education hustler Michelle Rhee

And here’s what they say about her:

|||| Michelle Rhee has been working for the last 18 years to give children the skills and knowledge they will need to compete in a changing world. From adding instructional time after school and visiting students' homes as a third grade teacher in Baltimore, to hosting hundreds of community meetings and creating a Youth Cabinet to bring students' voices into reforming the DC Public Schools, she has always been guided by one core principle: put students first. Each chapter of Michelle's story has convinced her: students of every background and ZIP code can achieve at high levels, and for our schools to become what children deserve, every educator is called to believe this. Even in the toughest of circumstances, all teachers are called to turn the incredible potential that fills their classrooms daily, into the achievements worthy of our children and country. ||||

Now here is what Diana Ravitch wrote recently in the Washington Post:

|||| The gains on the federal reading tests under Rhee were no greater than those under her predecessor Superintendent Clifford Janey, which were achieved without the firings and angst of the Rhee era. From 2005-07, under Janey, black fourth-grade students made a five-point gain in reading, but only a three-point gain under Rhee; Hispanic students made a 13-point gain in reading during Janey’s tenure, but only a one-point gain from 2007-09. Reading scores for eighth graders didn’t budge from 2002-09, regardless of who was running the school system. On the federal math tests for fourth grade students, the gains recorded on Rhee’s watch outpaced Janey’s, but the gains from 2003-05 were larger than those achieved under either Janey or Rhee. In eighth-grade math, D.C. students have made steady gains from 2003-09. |||

Ravitch also noted that Rhee applauded Wisconsin Governor Walker’s assault on public employees.

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Adam said...

Rhee-tard's corruption began early:http://voices.washingtonpost.com/class-struggle/2011/02/michelle_rhees_early_test_scor.html

Also, in the above WaPo article Mathews links to Rhee's response where she states that the study is false because it covers the entire grade level where she taught and not her specific class. But here (http://gfbrandenburg.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/the-rhee-miracle-examined-again-by-cohort/) if you scroll down the comments a bit, brandenburg refutes Rhee's response by showing there were only two classes in that grade level so her claim that 90% of her students reached the 90th percentile in one year would still be false.