February 21, 2011

Roger Clinton update

Radar - He came out of obscurity to attend his niece Chelsea's wedding last summer but Roger Clinton is otherwise far from leading the high life.The former First Brother is in hot water with both the IRS and the State of California for unpaid income taxes. There are approximately $90,000 in tax liens that have been placed against Clinton's Torrance, CA house, The Detroit News is reporting. The State of California levied a $21,315 lien against the property last month. That's on top of existing CA liens from 2009 in the amounts of $2,951 and $8,405. . . Roger's teenage daughter Macy, a full-time student with a part-time job, was depending on food stamps to get by. She rarely saw her father, who was then $30,000 in arrears on child support ….

Back story

1978 - Bill Clinton's mother hangs out at the race track with mobsters and other local figures, including Dan Lasater who breeds race horses in Kentucky and Florida and has a box at the track next to hers. Mrs. Clinton introduces Lasater to Roger Clinton. . . Roger Clinton develops a four-gram a day cocaine habit, getting his stuff from New York and Medellin suppliers, based (as one middleman will later testify) on "who his brother was." Dan Lasater will give Roger work and loan him $8,000 to pay off a drug debt. . .

1979 - Sharlene Wilson will testify in a 1990 federal drug probe that she began selling cocaine to Roger Clinton as early as this year. She will also tell reporters that she sold two grams of cocaine to Clinton's brother at the Little Rock nightclub Le Bistro, then witnessed Bill Clinton consume the drug. "I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall," Wilson reveals to the London Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in 1995. "He was so messed up that night, he slid down the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete idiot." Wilson also describes gatherings at Little Rock's Coachman's Inn between 1979 and 1981, where she saw Clinton using cocaine "quite avidly" with friends. Drug prosecutor Jean Duffey will say that she has no doubt that Wilson was telling the truth.

1984 - Hot Springs police record Roger Clinton during a cocaine transaction. Roger says, "Got to get some for my brother. He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner."

1985 - Roger Clinton pleads guilty to cocaine distribution but cops a plea on more serious charges with a promise to cooperate. He will serve a short prison term.

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