July 22, 2010


Based on Google news hits in past month:

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Lindsay Lohan
Mel Gibson
Tea Party
Lady Gaga
Bill Clinton
Sarah Palin
Justin Bieber
Glenn Beck
Jersey Shore

As an indication of the media bias involved, Palin has over 9,000 news mentions on Google in the past month, while leading GOP presidential contender Romney has 196 and Huckabee has 511


BARBBF said...

And I bet 8999 are negative! The only one MSM or LSM hates more than Sarah Palin, is Lindsey Lohan.

Peter D Stanislaw said...

Negative or not, they're covering her like shit on a pig. Anyone who believes she's presidential material is guilty of willful blindness...

Anonymous said...

I hate the way the Palin haters keep falling into her trap. She says something illiterate on purpose causing tons of publicity from people making fun of her. Then she uses her reaction to this mocking to shore up her base by telling them how the "elite liberals" all hate her.

Anonymous said...

After the corruption that enabled W into office, I would not be surprised if Palin sleazes her way into office in a similar fashion.

I only hope some awful and embarrassing unredeemable incident of corruption is exposed at a key point in the election process that causes her to hide away in Alaska in shame and perhaps jail and never be seen in the lower 48 again. She gives women in politics as bad a name as Hilary Clinton does.